Spring into Sculpture

Every time Damian and I walk past the pottery studio at Seward Park, it makes me want to get my hands dirty and attempt to create beautiful things (again). Until then, I'll just appreciate the work of others...  

Candlesticks by LucindaChips

Vase w/holes by Isabelle Abramson 

Scallop Bowl by Heather Knight

Textured Vase by Sarah Marymee

These are just some of my favorites. Check back for more in a couple of weeks!


Suburbia: Part 2

Looks like Bill and I are not the only artists enamored with life in the suburbs. Check out some of my favorite Etsy finds below: 

Suburbia by Katie Scully 

Hey Suburbia, We're in Love with You by Diana Waldon

Suburbia Notecards by tommymama


Suburbia: Part 1

I watched one of my favorite movies the other night, Virgin Suicides. Now that I live in the city, the suburbia of my past seems lonelier and less friendly every time I visit. It's easy to comprehend why a group of beautiful girls would rather take their lives than remain living in the suburbs...
My fascination with suburbia goes beyond movies, too. One of my favorite photographers, Bill Owens, has an amazing collection of work from some of the very first "little boxes" built in America. You can find his work at www.billowens.com, but to truly see the genius behind the project, you have to purchase the book, Suburbia. It is worth every penny to read the comical captions that narrate the lives of the suburbanites who let Bill into their lives. Trust me.