Snippets of Ferndale, California

One of our first stops in California last week was the town of Ferndale. I'm pretty sure the place has not seen a single change since sometime in 1950. And I get the idea that the locals like it that way.

I always get so excited when driving past fields of cows on the highway, so seeing these guys just a few feet away made me giddy.

We stopped in an antique shop, and I'm not sure if it was the feel of the old town or the four hours of sleep we had, but it felt as thought we walked through the door and back in time.

The couple that owned the store had a huge collection of vintage backstock. Rows and rows of these black shoes were lined up atop their original boxes. I felt as if I were June Cleaver back-to-school shopping for the boys...


Fremont Flea Market Finds

Hands down, one of the best markets in Seattle is the Fremont Sunday Market. It's open all year long, there are tons of antique and vintage vendors, and the street food is unique and delicious (cheap, too!). Yesterday I found a baker's rack/plant stand which stands about 6' tall. Damian was not happy to load it into the subaru, but he was overjoyed when I pointed out that it could serve as a bookshelf since we've been dying to get rid of his old target bookshelf for many years. When I reminded him that he would never have to move the old, decrepit bookshelf again, he practically cried. While this was a great find (and a deal, to boot!), my favorite treasures from yesterday's trip are two pieces of vintage decorator fabric. 

This pattern puts me right back on my grandmother's wing-backed couch. And best of all, the fabric even smells just like her house!

I might just have to make this piece into a pillow and rest my head on it while watching reruns of The Golden Girls; our favorite way to relax after a long day of four-leafed clover hunting

This one is a little more masculine. It reminds me of some of the fabrics at Ikea right now, but much better, of course, since it's the real deal...

And the colors are absolutely amazing. The vibrant blue behind the orange hues really pops. This piece is a little smaller, but it was the last of the lot, so I just had to snatch it. I'll think of something to do with it one of these days.



Silver Tray = Shiny, Pretty Display

Whenever I'm thrifting, I always find myself drawn to rusty, silver trays piled en masse. I've come home with a few, and I've just now discovered the perfect use for them. While they work great under a plant collecting drips of water, on a dresser collecting jewelry, and on the kitchen counter collecting each day's pocket miscellany, I think they look great as magnetic bulletin boards.

I placed this one on a shelf behind a couple of my favorite vases. The silver-flecked bud vase is from an Anthropologie sale and the milk glass is another thrift store find. The monkeys belonged to Damian, and I saved them from the donation pile last week and slathered them in a fresh coat of paint which was leftover from when I painted my bedroom dresser.

I found a copy of Grey's Anatomy, circa 1970, at Half Price Books. As soon as I got it home, I rifled through the entire 600 pages or so and carefully tore out all of my favorite diagrams. This is page 407, The Muscles of the Right Hand. 


On my tabletop

A love letter to my grandmother, Mary Jane Carey, from one of her many WWII boyfriends. They called her "Rusty" for her gorgeous red locks, which keep turning up in the boxes of her belongings stored at my father's house. Apparently, she liked to keep the red curls that fell victim to the hair dresser's scissors.

A fresh bunch of flowers from the market that Damian brought home for me. Sunflowers and dahlias; fall is arriving too soon!

Fabric Scarps = OOAK Present for Grandma

The last semi-successful craft project I completed was an envelope pillow for my grandmother's 70th birthday. I found the silk fabric in the sale section at Urban Outfitters. It was originally supposed to act as art; it was stapled to a wooden frame like canvas and the sea-green flowers were painted on the silk. I rescued it for $5 and figured it had a fabulous future ahead of it. 

It looked so perfect with a tapestry I had draped over the arm of the couch that I was tempted to keep it for myself. 

This was my first attempt at an envelope style pillow, and I messed up on the envelope part. The canvas (left over from a grocery bag project) is supposed to be on the inside and the silk is supposed to flap over. But grandma will never know the difference...


Beautiful day in the Neighborhood...

Our lease is up at the end of September, and I'm not sure where Damian and kitty will end up while I'm gone. I'm really going to miss my neighborhood, though...


Spring into Sculpture

Every time Damian and I walk past the pottery studio at Seward Park, it makes me want to get my hands dirty and attempt to create beautiful things (again). Until then, I'll just appreciate the work of others...  

Candlesticks by LucindaChips

Vase w/holes by Isabelle Abramson 

Scallop Bowl by Heather Knight

Textured Vase by Sarah Marymee

These are just some of my favorites. Check back for more in a couple of weeks!


Suburbia: Part 2

Looks like Bill and I are not the only artists enamored with life in the suburbs. Check out some of my favorite Etsy finds below: 

Suburbia by Katie Scully 

Hey Suburbia, We're in Love with You by Diana Waldon

Suburbia Notecards by tommymama


Suburbia: Part 1

I watched one of my favorite movies the other night, Virgin Suicides. Now that I live in the city, the suburbia of my past seems lonelier and less friendly every time I visit. It's easy to comprehend why a group of beautiful girls would rather take their lives than remain living in the suburbs...
My fascination with suburbia goes beyond movies, too. One of my favorite photographers, Bill Owens, has an amazing collection of work from some of the very first "little boxes" built in America. You can find his work at www.billowens.com, but to truly see the genius behind the project, you have to purchase the book, Suburbia. It is worth every penny to read the comical captions that narrate the lives of the suburbanites who let Bill into their lives. Trust me.


Fashion Friday: The LBD

Today I finally purchased the little black (and cream) dress I have had my eye on since November. I found it in the sale section at Anthropologie. It's by Knitted&Knotted. The top is a soft crochet knit and the bottom is pleated silk. I'm in love...

A few nights ago I came across a shop on Etsy that strictly sells vintage little black dresses. It's appropriately titled: Little Black Vintage Dress. Below are some of my favorites from the shop.

Find these and other great LBDs at www.blackvintagedress.etsy.com.


Here Goes...

I often find myself scrambling through my apartment searching for a photo, pattern, postcard, book, note, etc. that I have stashed away for whatever reason. I am inspired by so many things that I seem to lose track... So being the neat freak that I am, I have decided to start a blog and keep all of my inspirational clutter in one place: here! I hope to encourage others to do, see, make, create, taste, listen and explore with me. 

Speaking of inspiration, last night, President Obama addressed congress. I found his words to be intelligent, straight-forward and realistic. In the spring of 2008, I worked on a photo project documenting the ever-changing Central District of Seattle, WA. I could not help but direct my attention and point my camera at all of those supporting Barack in this diverse neighborhood. 

Here are a few of my favorites:

I have noticed that in this neighborhood, and the one I currently live in on the North end of Capitol Hill, people still have their Obama posters, signs and stickers up for all to see. I truly appreciate living an area full of people who admire Barack Obama as much as I do. 

On a less serious note, I am really hoping for an SNL skit regarding the address, because Nancy Pelosi was pretty comical jumping out of her seat every minute. I can only imagine what Kristen Wiig could do with this...