Silver Tray = Shiny, Pretty Display

Whenever I'm thrifting, I always find myself drawn to rusty, silver trays piled en masse. I've come home with a few, and I've just now discovered the perfect use for them. While they work great under a plant collecting drips of water, on a dresser collecting jewelry, and on the kitchen counter collecting each day's pocket miscellany, I think they look great as magnetic bulletin boards.

I placed this one on a shelf behind a couple of my favorite vases. The silver-flecked bud vase is from an Anthropologie sale and the milk glass is another thrift store find. The monkeys belonged to Damian, and I saved them from the donation pile last week and slathered them in a fresh coat of paint which was leftover from when I painted my bedroom dresser.

I found a copy of Grey's Anatomy, circa 1970, at Half Price Books. As soon as I got it home, I rifled through the entire 600 pages or so and carefully tore out all of my favorite diagrams. This is page 407, The Muscles of the Right Hand. 

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  1. Ingenious. I'm totally inspired to put my old silver trays to work now.